Today, in the seventh round of the British Championship League, Birmingham will host Fulham at home (Birmingham vs Fulham). Birmingham, which has the advantage of being at home, has the power of World War I, and Fulham’s determination to upgrade after relegation is obvious, and its recent performance is also very good. Who can win this tonight, let us look forward to their wonderful performance! Yesterday, there was no public push for a temporary thing, but the private push in the evening was steadily won, and the friends who followed did not say much. Today is tight and the task is heavy, and the public promotion will continue to bring you a championship start.

2021 Champions League Birmingham vs Fulham

Game time: 2021-09-16 02:45

【Strength Position】- Birmingham vs Fulham

Since Birmingham won the Championship League Cup in 2011, the clouds over the St. Andrew Stadium at Birmingham’s home stadium have never disappeared. Birmingham’s initial goal for the past 10 seasons was to qualify for the play-offs, but in the end they will all evolve into a fight for relegation. There is a problem with their high-level management of the team. During the offseason, the senior executives changed their blood. The former CEO Ren Xuandong left the team and invited the club’s meritorious Lee Bowyer. Immediately during the offseason, Manchester United’s youth teenager Zhong Taxi was snatched from the loan market. This Chinese teenager can bring more wing creativity and speed to Birmingham.

As a veteran team that has played in the Premier League for 13 consecutive years, Fulham has been too exciting for Fulham in the past few seasons. The last time Fulham did not participate in the Premier League promotion play-offs nor the Premier League relegation play-offs, it dates back to the 2015-16 season. They are the most experienced play-off professionals in British football. However, the coach of the past three play-offs, Scott Parker, has left the team. This Fulham has chosen to coach Bournemouth, and Fulham’s new coach is Portuguese Marco Silva. The team’s defense general Michael Hector, captain Tom Kelney and power center Mitrovic are among the best players in the British Championship League. These three form a strong central axis.

Birmingham - Birmingham vs Fulham

[Recent Battle] – Birmingham vs Fulham

Birmingham belongs to the middle and lower-level teams in the league. Now the new season has started for a period of time, and the team’s performance is fair. In the last game, we defeated Derby County and returned to victory. Morale has improved. Seven players in the lineup have scored more goals on the offensive line. The team was not troubled by injuries and was able to play with a more complete lineup. However, in the past three encounters with Fulham in history, all of them have failed and have no advantage. The level of home games is limited The past ten home games have only achieved 3 wins.

As a relegation horse from the Premier League, Fulham can be said to have the highest players in the Premier League and one of the top hottest teams to promote. The team started quite eye-catchingly, with a wave of winning streaks. Came to second place in the league. In the history of nearly 3 clashes with Birmingham, a large victory prevailed. In the past ten games, a total of 17 offensive shots were secured. On the defensive end, he has not broken the gate three times in the last four games. But the last defeat by Blackpool ended the winning streak and morale was hit.

Fulham - Birmingham vs Fulham

[Key Early Warning]



1. The morale of beating Derby County back to victory in the previous game has improved.

2. The level of winning data has recovered. The last 2 games have all won data.

3. There are 7 players in the lineup that have scored goals and achieved more points on the offensive line.

4. The team is not troubled by injuries and can play with a more complete lineup.


1. In the past 3 encounters with Fulham, there is no advantage in losing.

2. The level of home games is limited. The past ten home games have only scored 3 wins.



1. The overall state trend is relatively stable. The unbeaten rate in the last ten games has reached 80%.

2. In the history of nearly 3 clashes with Birmingham, a complete victory prevailed.

3. In the past ten games, a total of 17 goals have been secured on the offensive end.

4. The defensive end has performed well. In the last 4 games, there have been 3 zero seals.


1. The last defeat by Blackpool ended the winning streak and morale was hit.

2. The big ball trend is not good. Only 3 big scores have been scored in the past ten games.

[Comprehensive Analysis] – Birmingham vs Fulham

Due to the disparity between the strengths of the two sides, and judging from the nearly 6 matches between the two teams, Birmingham has 2 wins and 4 losses and nearly 3 games have ended in all losses. So there is no advantage at all. However, the Birmingham state in the new season is still good. The initial set was given to the hemisphere, and there was basically no change except the home team’s water level rose to full water. It shows that the institution is still more optimistic about Fulham, but the concessions given are not big. Considering that Birmingham is in a rising phase in terms of state and morale, plus sitting on home advantage, it is not completely without pull. Combining the above, I personally think that Fulham can hold at least one point.

Recommendation: Away/Draw

Recommended  Correct Score: 1-2, 0-1, 1-1

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