The semi-finals of the European Cup – Italy vs Spain began on 07 July 2021, 0300 GMT+8.

Match Analysis – Italy vs Spain

Italy performed well in the current European Cup. The team passed all the way. Except for the 16th round, which was tied by Austria in the regular time, the rest reaped victories. In the quarter-finals, they defeated the favorite Belgium 2-1. The only downside is that Spinazzola, the main defender of the defense, was injured and basically missed the next game. Italy’s defense may have hidden dangers.

Spain did not perform well in the current European Cup. Under the influence of the new crown epidemic, the team originally lacked some of the main players. The promotion process so far in the group stage has been bumpy. Although it has remained unbeaten so far, it has been in regular time. They only won one game. According to their performance, Spain should have been out early, but the team was really lucky and eventually came to the semi-finals. This time against Italy, whether Spain’s luck will take care of them again, let us wait and see.

Italy Advantage

Italy has a clear physical advantage in this game. There are two main reasons why I say that Italy has a physical advantage. One is the distance from the playing field, and the other is the time spent in the last few games. Italy only needs 587 kilometers to get to the venue, while Spain needs 1,317 kilometers to get to the venue. In addition, Italy only played 90 minutes in the last game, while Spain played 120 minutes plus Penalty shoot-out. I am more optimistic about Italy’s advancement to the final in this game.

Data Analysis – Italy vs Spain

Asian institutions made tie data for this game. Taking into account the performance of both sides, the Asian institutions quickly made concessions for Italy to rise to -0.25. Obviously, Italy is more worthy of support. In terms of heat, both sides have paid attention. There are mostly draws, and there are definitely many friends who tend to the away team. In this case, to promote Italy’s concessions, this game might as well be optimistic about Italy’s win.

System Prediction

Italy vs Spain Prediction
Italy vs Spain Prediction – Source From

Prediction Betting Result

Correct Score: 2:1 or 2:0

Full Time/Half Time: HH, DH, AH

Win-Draw-Win (1×2): Home

Handicap (-1): Home

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