Euro Cup 2021 Football Prediction First Match:  Italy vs. Turkey

The UEFA Euro Cup 2021 group A stage begins midnight, 2021-06-12 3:00 (GMT+8). Italy defeated the Czech Republic with 4 goals in the warm-up match earlier this month. The team has achieved an excellent record of 6 wins and 2 draws in the last 8 major national team matches. It can be seen that coach Mancini has been quite effective in reforming the team. Now that they are assigned to Group A with Switzerland, Turkey and Wales, the team still has great hopes of qualifying. In the first round against Turkey, I believe that Mancini will continue to use pass and control.

Turkey is now on the rise, and its strength can not be underestimated. In the final 26 man list of the European Cup, Calhanoglu and Irmaz lead are the main characters. There are also many players who play in the five major leagues. The team has great potential and is a real troublemaker in group A.

In terms of paper strength, Italy is undoubtedly dominant. Asian institutions have made a 1.00 handicap for Italy. In addition, it is the first round of the Euro Cup. Italy is naturally more popular, so you must be careful bet in this game.

Combined with the analysis of the main wins in the Euro match, the market outlook for the main wins is up and down. The agency’s handicap in Italy’s win is obviously insufficient. Coupled with the good strength of Turkey, the first round of the match must beware of the home team’s overwhelming fallout.

My suggestion:

Correct Score: 1:1, 1:2

Total Goals: 2~3 goals

Half Time/Full Time: HD, AD, DA

Handicap (+1):  Home

Euro Cup 2021 Football Prediction Second Match:  Wales vs. Switzerland

The UEFA Euro Cup 2021 group A stage match –  Wales vs. Switzerland begins on the night, 2021-06-12 21:00 (GMT+8).

Wales has performed generally in the last two warm-up matches, and it is excusable to face the French team’s invincibility, but it is disappointed that Albania should only win a draw. Wales is now assigned to Group A. To be honest, Wales has a tougher prospect of qualifying. Italy does not say anything about it. Switzerland and Turkey are not idlers. Wales must show the same state as the last European Cup if they want to qualify.

Switzerland has performed well recently. The team’s morale has reached a peak and the team’s morale has reached a peak in the warm-up match.

Asian institutions made a -0.25 handicap for Switzerland. Considering the recent state of Switzerland, this handicap is reasonable. Although Wales beat Switzerland the last time, it happened at home. Wales has no advantage in the neutral battle. Now that you can make handicap for Switzerland, and the recent situation is obvious to all, you might as well choose Switzerland to win.

My suggestion:

Correct Score: 0:1, 1:2

Total Goals: 2~3 goals

Half Time/Full Time: HA, AD, DA

Handicap (+1):  Draw

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