Euro Cup 2021 Football Prediction – Match 1: Netherlands vs. North Macedonia

Early on Tuesday morning, it was an exciting four European Cup group games. First game in the morning, Netherlands vs. North Macedonia.

Netherlands (Holland) this year in the absence of van Dyck and other main defensive situation, the team during the group stage or good performance, after two rounds to keep winning, thanks to the strong strength of the front line. Now the team has qualified ahead of time. Even if Ukraine wins the game against North Macedonia, as long as the goal difference continues to dominate, the team will be able to stay at the top of the group.

North Macedonia has limited strength in euro cup 2021, and the team’s participation in the Euro Cup is basically equivalent to the role of running with them. After two rounds of group games, North Macedonia has no suspense, two consecutive losses, and the team has been out ahead of time. In the next game, North Macedonia will only play a perfunctory.

Netherlands (Holland) has a strong front line. With the data of the last round, there are still many people in favor of this game. However, the Asian institutions have made different handicap for Netherlands (Holland). The initial participants are – 1.75, – 2, – 1.5, and the differences between the institutions are also relatively large. However, with the changes in the future, the home team has unified a handicap of – 1.5. Considering that the opponent has been out ahead of time, the fighting will of this game is low, Might as well optimistic about the Dutch small victory.

My suggestion:

Correct Score: 2:1, 3:2

Half Time/Full Time: HH, DH, AH

1×2: Draw

Handicap (-1.5): Home

Euro Cup 2021 Football Prediction – Match 2: Belgium vs. Finland

The UEFA Euro Cup 2021 group B stage last match – Belgium vs. Finland begins midnight, 2021-06-22 3:00 (GMT+8).

Belgium won two games and got out ahead of time. One point in this game can ensure the first place promotion. Belgium’s lineup is luxurious. Debraune, who came on as a substitute in the last game, helped the team to reverse Denmark, while Azar, another substitute star, contributed assists. If you don’t know, debraune and Azar will return to the starting line-up.

In the last round of the European Cup group, Finland won 1-1 in the first two rounds. In the first round, Finland defeated Denmark and lost 1-0 to Russia. In the final group match with Belgium, Finland had to score a point to ensure the qualification.

Belgium was given handicap 1.5 on the final index of the group. Belgium has already made the lead, the desire for a big win is not enough. Finland is not as strong as the opponent, but the outgoing team will die to fight against the opponent. The first two teams only lost one goal, and the defense is good. Belgium take a point to ensure the first place, this game beware of small win or draw.

My suggestion:

Correct Score: 1:1, 0:1

Half Time/Full Time: DD, DA, AD

1×2: x2, Draw

Handicap (1.5): Away

Euro Cup 2021 Football Prediction – Match 3: Denmark vs. Russia

The UEFA Euro Cup 2021 group B stage last match – Denmark vs. Russia begins midnight, 2021-06-22 3:00 (GMT+8).

Denmark played well against Belgium in the first round, and the team took the lead in the first half. Unfortunately, after Belgium replaced two main players debraune and Azar in the second half, the situation began to reverse and finally suffered two consecutive losses. However, Denmark still has a chance to qualify. After all, the opponent is Russia, while Finland’s opponent is Belgium. If Belgium takes all three points and defeats Russia, Denmark can advance smoothly.

Russia beat Finland 1-0 in the last round, and the team won the first face saving game as the host. However, some friends who watched the game believe that it is not difficult to find that the last round is equivalent to watching an old man’s game. If it is not for the benefit of the home court, it is estimated that Russia will not be able to get all three points. Against Denmark in this state, Russia may have more or less chances in this game.

There is still urgent hope for Denmark. The Asian institutions made a handicap of – 0.5 for Denmark, and the handicap rose to – 0.75 in the future. It is not difficult to see that the institutions are very clear about the current group situation. After all, Finland is likely to lose points against Belgium. As long as Denmark plays normally, it is no problem to get three points against Russia. Since the data also support, we may as well be optimistic about Denmark winning this game.

My suggestion:

Correct Score: 2:1, 2:0

Half Time/Full Time: DH, HH, AH

1×2: Home/Draw

Handicap (1.5): Home

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