Sweden vs Poland – Euro Cup 2021 Football Prediction

In the European Cup, Sweden vs. Poland. Sweden beat Slovakia 1-0 in the last game, winning 1 in the first two rounds and scoring 4 points, which can basically ensure the qualification. Sweden’s offensive ability is average, scoring only one penalty in two games. Poland drew with Spain in the last game, and levan scored the equalizing goal for Poland. Levan’s recovery is a timely rain for Poland. Poland, with 1 point in 2 games, has to beat Sweden in the last game to get the chance to advance. The team needs Levine to continue to break out in the backwater.

The index was tied, with a slight trend towards Poland. Sweden’s offensive ability is limited, only scored a penalty in two games, the team lacks scorers, Sweden basically qualified this game, but if lost to Poland or fell to the third group, the team will not be bad. The European index is in line with the Asian index, both of which are slightly optimistic about Poland and are optimistic about Poland’s invincibility.

My suggestion:

Handicap (-1) : Poland

Correct Score: 0 – 0 or 0 – 1

Germany vs Hungary – Euro Cup 2021 Football Prediction

In the last round of group F of the European Cup, all four teams in this group are expected to qualify. Germany faces Hungary in this competition. Germany ranked second with three points in two battles and Hungary ranked fourth in the group with one point.

Germany reversed Portugal 4-2 to win the first European Cup in the last game, and the team will completely reverse the situation. Beating Hungary in this game will lock in the qualification right. If it draws, it is very likely to advance to the third place in the group with the best result. This game will be held in Munich, and Germany has the advantage of home court. Hungary drew with France in the last game and won the first point in the group of European Cup. In the last round, Hungary visited Germany. It is only when Hungary wants to win that it has a chance to qualify. I’m afraid that we hope to have a miracle in winning away against Germany.

In terms of data, Germany has released two goals index in this game, which is also the deepest concession event in the European Cup. Germany’s home interest is too optimistic. Germany lost 1-2 to North Macedonia at home before the opening of the European Cup, while Hungary was promoted to the top in the previous group game. In addition to the 1-1 draw against France, Portugal lost its first goal only 84 minutes before the opening of the European Cup. The team had no bad defensive ability, and Germany made two goals hot to guard against a small win.

My suggestion:

Handicap (-2):  Germany

1×2: x2

Correct Score: 2 – 0 or  2 – 1

France vs Portugal – Euro Cup 2021 Football Prediction

In the early hours of Thursday’s European Cup, Portugal had a fierce fight with Germany in the last round, but it was a pity that they finally lost the first game 2-4. Now group F of the European Cup can be called the death group. Portugal, Germany and France are all here, and the second round also broke out, which leads to the confusion of the qualification situation of group F, So Portugal will do their best to qualify.

France was tied by Hungary in the last round, and the team missed a good chance to qualify ahead of time, which led to a decisive battle against Portugal. It is worth mentioning that this game is equivalent to the final of the last World Cup, when Portugal finally defeated France in extra time. Now France faces Portugal again, and the team certainly wants revenge.

The intention of both sides in this game is very clear, and both can attract a lot of traffic. If I were an organization, I would certainly not let go during the group stage. Now the Asian organization makes a concession of – 0.25 for France, and the visiting team drops to the middle and low water level. The possibility of a draw is relatively large. As long as France is unbeaten, the team can basically qualify. In this case, we might as well choose a draw.

My suggestion:

Handicap (-0.25):  France

Correct Score: 1 – 1 or  2 – 2

Half Time/Full Time: DD, AD, HD

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