Football Prediction 16 Stage of Match: England Vs Germany

The European Cup round of 16 knockout stage staged the British-German war, England will sit in London at home against Germany, the winner of this game will enter the European Cup quarter-finals. Except for England and Germany in this event, there is only a traditional strong team from the Netherlands in the lower half, and it is very likely to win the Great Britain and Germany through to the finals.

England only scored 2 goals in the group stage, all scored by Manchester City team Sterling. The team has few offensive methods. Fortunately, the team has excellent defense. The second time the group stage was promoted without a cover, the last time was in 1966. In the World Cup, England finally won the cup. Kane, the top scorer of the 2018 World Cup in England, played very sluggish in the group stage. The knockout team is like Lin. Kane’s performance will affect England’s promotion prospects.

Germany struggled in the three group matches. In addition to the 4-2 reversal of Portugal in the second game, it was relatively smooth. The first game was lost to France, and the final game was behind Hungary twice, and the final draw was 2-2. Germany has reached the knockout rounds 7 times in the last 8 competitions, and has advanced to the semi-finals in all 6 knockout rounds.

Objective Analysis of England vs Germany

England is playing at home this time. England and Germany are rivals. The last major match was the 2010 World Cup. At that time, Lampard had a long shot and the goal of the goal was still invalid. This also led to the British army’s final miserable defeat. In this Anglo-German game, the data is a tie. England has the advantage of the home court. Facing Germany’s inability to make the ball untrustworthy, Germany is tough and the team is not hot enough to qualify. Look at Germany’s undefeated.

System Prediction

England vs Germany System Predictions - Inplay-Tips
England vs Germany System Predictions – Source From

My suggestion betting of England vs Germany

Win-Draw-Win: Germany

Correct Score: 1-1, 1-2


My Suggestion Betting England vs Germany
My Suggestion Betting England vs Germany

Football Prediction 16 Stage of Match: Sweden VS Ukraine

In the early hours of Wednesday morning the European Cup round of sixteen continued, Sweden played a thrilling lore to Poland, the team finally qualified as the group leader, during the group stage to maintain a complete victory in 3 rounds, the overall performance of the team was quite good. It is worth mentioning that Fosberg, the main force, doubled the last round to help Sweden qualify for the top spot, and Fosberg is expected to continue to help Sweden win again in this game.

Ukraine’s strength is limited. This year’s ability to qualify for the group is also due to the fact that there are not many strong players in Group C. Its luck is really good, but this time the top 16 is facing Sweden, and Ukraine’s luck has also been exhausted. I’m afraid the game will be more or less good.

Objective Analysis of Sweden VS Ukraine

Ukraine played very poorly in the last group stage, but still lay in the group stage. Sweden is full of morale this year. Asian institutions made a -0.25 handicap for Sweden. The organization still has a certain tendency towards Sweden. The current home team masters are lingering, so many people are considering starting Sweden. I personally think that this is an opportunity. Today’s handicap effectively blocks the heat. Combining the recent situation of the two teams, Sweden is expected to play this game.

System Prediction

Sweden vs Ukraine System Predictions - Inplay-Tips
Sweden vs Ukraine System Predictions – Source From

My suggestion betting of Sweden VS Ukraine

Correct Score: 2:1, 2:0

Full Time/Half Time: HH, DH, AH

Win-Draw-Win (1×2): Home

Handicap (-1): Away or Home


My Suggestion Betting - Sweden vs Ukraine
My Suggestion Betting – Sweden vs Ukraine – Bet in Muda33

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