Today in the fifth round of the Bundesliga, Bundesliga Hertha Berlin vs Fürth. Hertha Berlin, who has the advantage of the home court, has the power of World War I. The newly promoted Felt has obviously not yet adapted to the rhythm of the Bundesliga. They have not won a single record in the last five games. If they are still in this state, then relegation is inevitable. Who can win this tonight, let us look forward to their wonderful performance! Yesterday’s public push did not disappoint everyone. Xiaochuan won it steadily. Recently, the hit rate of the public push is still good. Friends who have not kept up should hurry up. Today is tight and the task is heavy, and the public promotion will continue to bring you a Europa departure. Friends who are interested in football and basketball games can continue to pay attention to

2021/2022 Bundesliga Hertha Berlin vs Fürth

Game time: 2021-09-18 02:30

[Strength Position] – Hertha Berlin vs Fürth

Hertha Berlin’s performance in the first half of last season was a disaster, but after Dardaoy regained his coach, Hertha seemed to have recovered some of his former strength and relegated smoothly. There were no major surprises, but his ranking was low. The union with rivals Berlin in the same city also made this capital’s traditional team somewhat faceless, so this season’s Hertha Berlin will be very motivated. Their offensive performance is worth looking forward to. While regaining Selke, they also introduced Kevin Boateng from Serie B’s Monza team. In addition, midfielder Zelda and the former midfielder “Black Mountain Demon” Jovetic also joined the team, and their plastic surgery strength has been improved.

As the second runner-up of the Bundesliga last season, Firth mainly relied on the team’s vitality. They are very young and have a more open play style. At the same time, coach Wright is also a young coach, but the team’s state is maintained. It is not very stable, which is also related to the team’s young lineup. This season is Fürth’s first return to the Bundesliga stage since the 2012-2013 season. But their prospects are not suitable for very optimistic.

02 Hertha Berlin vs Fürth

[Recent Situation] – Hertha Berlin vs Fürth

Hertha Berlin is currently 1 win, 0 draws and 3 losses. Hertha Berlin is a fierce team on offense. The forwards are very good at passing the ball and often make some weak teams unable to defend. Hertha Berlin has a lot of experience on offense, and he is also quite good on defense. The team has conceded goals in all four rounds of the league in the new season, and the stability of the defense line is extremely poor. The data has been beaten 4 times in the 5 main games, and the true state is seriously overestimated. The famous players such as Kevin Boateng and Jovetic by summer transfer window have a mediocre performance, and the overall state is not stable enough. Jastan, Piatke and Boyata are currently injured and the lineup is deeply damaged.

Fürth’s recent state is also very sluggish. As newly promoted, they did not have as much luck as Bochum. After defeating Wolfsburg 0-2 at home in the last round, the new season’s five main games have not won, nearly four. The league lost 3 games and only took 1 point in four rounds. At present, he is deeply mired in relegation. Moreover, Fürth has always had a mediocre away game ability, conceding goals in all 10 games in the new season, and the defensive performance is unstable. In the last 4 consecutive games without the ball, the offensive slow-heating problem is very serious, and most of the points grabbing in the second division rely on the home court. This campaign has little chance of winning against Hertha Berlin, which has recovered.

03 Hertha Berlin vs Fürth -

[Key Warning] – Hertha Berlin vs Fürth

Hertha Berlin


1. In the new season, 9 of the 10 games in all competitions have scored, and the offensive performance is stable;

2. The main striker Jovitic got the chance to rest in the last round, and his comeback is definitely worth looking forward to.


1. All four league rounds in the new season have conceded goals, and the stability of the defense is extremely poor;

2. Jastan, Piatke and Boyata are currently injured, and the lineup is deeply damaged;

3. The famous generals such as Kevin Boateng and Jovetic introduced by summer transfer window have a mediocre performance, and the overall state is not stable enough.



1. The Bayern midfielder Fein, who was signed during the offseason, performed well, with an average pass success rate of up to 90%;

2. The main striker Helgota surrendered 16 goals and 4 assists last season and has already scored goals this season. This campaign is worth looking forward to;

3. The style of playing is very unrestrained, the total number of goals in the past 8 games has all been greater than 2.


1. All 10 games in the new season have conceded goals, and the defensive performance is unstable;

2. There has been no ball in the last 4 consecutive half-times, and the offensive end has a very serious problem of slow heat.

[Comprehensive Analysis] – Hertha Berlin vs Fürth

Judging from the recent state of the two teams, the actual state of the two teams is almost the same in the near future. Judging from the two teams’ nearly two matches, Hertha Berlin has won twice, but the age is of little reference. But Hertha Berlin’s only advantage is at home. Judging from the data provided by the agency, the initial market was given a half-round handicap, and there was basically no change in the market outlook. It shows that the agency has given Hertha Berlin enough support. Combining the above, I personally feel that Hertha Berlin will try to win the game and help the team regain morale.

Recommendation: Home team

Recommended Correct Score: 1-0, 2-1, 2-0

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