There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Be Careful. It’s Sometimes A Trap For Gambling Companies – Football Gambling Skills

1. The ball has a real ball and a fake ball, and the disc has a real disc and a fake disc.

2. The gambling company must know (at least 70% sure) the final result of each game.

3. The gambling company will not let anyone find a flaw in its odds.

4. Any change of odds and water level (handicap) does not mean that it has a certain real significance, because it can be the real expression of the trend of betting amount; It can also be the deliberate fraud of the gambling company.

5. There is no law that any gambling company will win or lose. Whether it’s a standard plate or a ball plate; Trying to find the law of * * is a fool’s dream. Gamblers lose money, I believe you see more, but have you ever heard that the gambling company has gone bankrupt? This is enough to prove that no one has been able to solve the mystery in more than 100 years since there was a football gambling company; Now some people say that it is very accurate to release the market. It will ensure that you win and win. Do you believe it? If you believe so, I can only doubt that your IQ is less than 50.

6. There is no flaw law to find, but it definitely contains all the problems in a game, but after the true and false manipulation of the gambling company, no one can see the true face.

7. Gambling companies also lose money, but most of them are intentional and win money in the end.

What Is The Secret That Gambling Companies Always Win? Do We Have A Chance To Win? – Football Gambling Skills

Gambling companies must know the outcome of each game, and at least 70% of them will be sure. This is certain because their credit strength, whether superficial (strength, status, history, record, injury, illness, suspension, psychological pressure, etc.) or invisible (match fixing, referee, balance, power problems, gratitude and hatred problems, individual player problems, coach problems, fan problems, sponsor problems, etc.), will be thousands of times more than we know and can think of. Therefore, there is no need to question this.

Therefore, many gamblers want to find clues from their odds. It is indeed a correct method. Because no matter what a result is, it will be displayed in the odds. The truth is actually very simple, just like a computer. No matter what configuration it has, how many processes it has gone through and how much cost it has incurred, it will eventually be shown in its selling price. Similarly, the odds are that the gambling company has measured all the problems in a game the price that will be offered later.

However, the difference is that computer manufacturers have to make money to sell computers, and buyers will know its quality through its price. However, gambling companies are different. Sometimes, even many times, gambling companies will do some loss making to confuse you and mislead you, so that you can’t distinguish its quality (victory or defeat) by price (odds) . since you never know when he will make a loss and when he will make a profit, it is impossible to detect his quality (victory or defeat) only by his selling price (odds).

Therefore, odds and water level. The change of odds and water level can have real meaning or a pile of false digits. (Odds and handicap are the basis for all experts and experts to solve the game)

How Can We Do Our Best? There are many ways: – Football Gambling Skills

Nine Football Gambling Skills Concepts And Analysis

1. We can’t believe the misleading of the so-called experts and experts, because they may have fallen into the trap of gambling companies.

2. We must be greedy, make bold assumptions and carefully verify.

3. Try to know more about all the credit of each game.

4. Buy the cold door first, and then heat the door.

5. To open your mind, any team has the possibility of losing or winning.

6. Divide the 13 games into grades. Seeing those teams lose will push up the gambling bonus. We should focus on prevention and avoid mistakes.

7. You can’t swing your mind from left to right. If you decide, don’t change.

8. Your betting list must be different from your friends around you or all the recommendations in the newspapers and the Internet you know (because almost 100% of them won’t win the prize).

9. Analyze the odds.

However, when using method 9, you should pay special attention not to use it if you are not very proficient. Don’t look at the odds, don’t care about it, and only use other credit to analyze. Because if you don’t have enough skills, analyzing the odds can easily lead you into a maze set up by the gambling company.

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